Introducing Chroma by Converge

Web-based reporting and utilities platform, securely integrated into Viewpoint Vista.

Chroma is a web-based reporting and utilities platform, securely integrated into Viewpoint Vista. Chroma’s dashboards and toolsets for AP/AR, Cash Management, Job Billing, Job Cost and Human Resources dramatically improve efficiencies. Our deep construction and technological expertise helps contractors reduce risk and improve profitability.

With Chroma you get real-time visibility into a number of key indicators without logging into Vista:


  • Open invoices by vendor, type, category or job
  • AR open by customer, contracts, aging category
  • AR aging trends over trailing six-month period

T&M Reporting and Utilities

  • Real-time visibility into “burned” value of Pos or work authorizations
  • See unposted labor hours entered in Vista in addition to outstanding committed costs
  • Revenue value of unbilled transactions by owner, site, PM, contract, cost type, phase
  • See unbilled revenue values aging and impact on working capital for the project

Project Cash Flow

  • Projects contributing or hurting cashflow
  • Projects needing collection attention or behind on billings
  • See how project controls and PM team is managing working capital across projects

Job Progress

  • Leverage data from Vista Job Progress to track costs per unit vs estimate vs projected
  • Quantify impact of bad weather, equipment or labor issues on project performance
  • Identify project teams hitting numbers and those struggling

Specialty Welding and Turnarounds realizes $170K ROI in their first year with Chroma by ConvergeConverge layered in software tools on top of Viewpoint Vista to gain even more efficiencies and useful data. This gives management information in a real-time manner that is phenomenal. Truly night and day different from where they were before Converge.

Doug Secrest, VP Strategic Development, SWAT