Construction industry expertsConverge understands construction! We have a background in the industry and boast extensive experience in offering financial and accounting solutions that minimize risk and enhance profits for contractors. We are high-performing individuals who have excelled in the contractor field, with invaluable “real-world” expertise to tackle any challenge. By combining industry insight with practical knowledge of accounting systems, we deliver greater return on investment (ROI) of your systems.


Viewpoint Vista expert consultants and implementationSince 2015, Converge has partnered with Viewpoint to provide top-tier Vista implementation, optimization, and data conversion services. Our team has decades of hands-on experience using Vista in real-world scenarios, enabling us to help your organization unlock its full potential with this solution. We have successfully collaborated with contractors to enhance workflows, optimize efficiencies, and provide comprehensive training to significantly boost performance.


Viewpoint Vista programming and database expertsConverge boasts one of the industry’s largest teams of developers, with over 20 experts on staff. The strength of our technical resources lies in their profound understanding of Viewpoint software and other system’s data and functionality. Our team has developed custom applications ranging from location-aware time capture apps to comprehensive web-based platforms. All of these solutions harness the power of Viewpoint to help your business gain a competitive advantage and improve profitability.

Marcel Lemoine

Founder and President

Pratyush Kumar


Jana Brooks

Financial Reporting and Accounting, Compliance and ERP Consultant

Anne Marie Bradford

ERP Consultant

Prayush Pokharel

Database and Development Guru

Stevie Wheeler

FPA Software, Financial Reporting, Accounting and ERP Consultant

James Berrigan

Financial Analyst


The first step is getting to know each other better. We have assisted numerous contractors in overcoming frustrating challenges, often discovering that there are simple solutions available. Feel free to reach out to us, as we would be delighted to help you achieve greater success!

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